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Jesus, the Reasonable, Reason for the Season

Christmas is almost upon us this year and no other holiday during the year is the spiritual battle more apparent. Courts are ejecting nativity scenes from their lawns due to the pressure of an ever-escalating Post-Christian America. It is at this time of year that “Freethinker” groups attack anything and everything Christmas. They posit that God does not exist and attempt to convince others of their version of “truth” as well. Many unsophisticated Christians have fallen for their tactics, which are amateurish at best. Read more…


Pharaoh of the Exodus

ahmoseII-hWho was the Pharaoh of the Exodus? Many have attempted to answer this question throughout the years and it is the goal of this research to also attempt an answer to one of the most eluding questions surrounding this period in time. There are several theories pertaining to whom this pharaoh could have been and each has compelling evidence in their favor. Read more…

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