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A Historical Approach to the Resurrection of Jesus: Part 3


Significant Conversions

Paul. Earlier I discussed the death of Paul as recorded by Clement and how this Apostle suffered while alive and was martyred for his faith in Christ. What is truly remarkable about Paul is that originally he was an enemy to the church. He persecuted the early Christians; in fact, he was present at the stoning of Stephen (Ac 7:58-8:4). Read more…


A Historical Approach to the Resurrection of Jesus: Part 2

First Witnesses

The fist eyewitnesses to the empty tomb were women. This is very difficult to deny historically as it is independently reported in Mark 16:1-8; Luke 24:1-11; and John 20:1-18. Though there are variances in the accounts regarding the named individuals present during the discovery of the empty tomb, the fact that women found the empty tomb is virtually undeniable. Read more…

A Historical Approach to the Resurrection of Jesus: Part 1

Perhaps no other event in history has shaped the world in the way the resurrection of Jesus has. Over a billion people on this planet believe the resurrection occurred over two thousand years ago in Jerusalem. That being said, we must take note that belief in something does not make it true, or false; what makes the resurrection true or false is whether or not it occurred. Read more…

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