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The Mission

Faith and Reason are allies and are not in opposed to one another. In modern times faith has been characterized by skeptics, internet atheists and others to mean believing in something despite having no evidence for it, or having evidence opposed to it. Anselm suggested the phrase fides quaerens intellectum, “faith seeking understanding.” Thus, Christians need not be afraid of asking tough questions; asking tough questions will lead to a deeper, stronger, ¬†and more meaningful faith.

The mission of Unapologetic is to equip Christians with the tools to defend their faith with reason and precision. So they can articulate their beliefs in the public square, in a cogent manner that is both gracious and uncompromising, hence the name “Unapologetic.” A natural consequence of equipping Christians is ¬†those opposed to the faith will be disarmed and hopefully subsequently led to faith in Christ.


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