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A Historical Approach to the Resurrection of Jesus: Part 4

James the Skeptical. There is biblical evidence that James (Jesus’ brother) was not actually a follower of Christ early on. When Christ traveled back to his home a large crowd assembled to hear him teach. Those close to him (presumably his brothers or disciples) come to take custody of him because they believe he has lost his senses (Mk 3:20-21).[1] R. T. France remarks, “If the disciples are with Jesus in the house, they could not ‘go out’ to seize him, nor is the idea of the disciples manhandling Jesus one which easily fits into the Marcan account so far. Read more…


The Difficulty of Reaching Millennials.

It seems every week there is an article on a Christian news website describing the difficulties of reaching millennials. There are lots of theories as to why they are so difficult to reach. Writers, pastors, and laymen, theorize what makes this young generation so skeptical of Christianity. Millenials have proven themselves to be difficult to reach. A lot of the focus thus far has been placed on the youth churches are attempting to reach; I’ve heard things such as, “they live on Facebook,” or “they just don’t care.” It seems a great deal of the burden on reaching this generation is placed on the ones to be reached, the millennial’s, while those supposed to be reaching out to them are apathetic. Read more…

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