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A Historical Approach to the Resurrection of Jesus: Part 6

In the last part I went through the biblical data pertinent to the investigation of the women’s discovery of the empty tomb and took that data and plugged it into a Bayes Factor to decipher the probability of R (Resurrection) over ~R (Resurrection Alternatives). Part six will take the salient facts concerning the Disciples and this will be run through a Bayes Factor as well. Read more…


A Historical Approach to the Resurrection of Jesus: Part 4

James the Skeptical. There is biblical evidence that James (Jesus’ brother) was not actually a follower of Christ early on. When Christ traveled back to his home a large crowd assembled to hear him teach. Those close to him (presumably his brothers or disciples) come to take custody of him because they believe he has lost his senses (Mk 3:20-21).[1] R. T. France remarks, “If the disciples are with Jesus in the house, they could not ‘go out’ to seize him, nor is the idea of the disciples manhandling Jesus one which easily fits into the Marcan account so far. Read more…

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